November Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, November 1, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

November Horoscopes Image

Why is it November already?

Are we dreaming? We must be. Can you control your life via dreams? This month, set your dream intentions. Think of these things. Dream accordingly. Wake up with your dream shield. For ultimate dream control, download and set your phone wallpaper as your own @fkncoco illustration down below.


Think of two similar colours that aren’t quite the same. Melt one of the colours through the left side of your brain. The other colour on the right. This will ensure clouds to appear after you take a dive in. Safety net.


Think of garden seeds growing upside down mushrooms. Grass made out of enoki. This will help things around you blossom. And things that seem way too far up to possibly get a hold of will be in reach.


Envision cars made out of floral fabric. Waving down the road. Big kite cars. This assists in healthy hair growth. Don’t lose a hair tie for a whole two weeks. No dead ends.


To sleep soundly and wake up with lips in your favourite shade of pink. Make up visions of tennis skirts and holding your own hand. Shake on it.


Earrings made out of air pods. Dangling. Taking them out of your ears and dropping them in warm water. These visions will sooth your tummy aches.


Sun baking in the rain. Washing away things will lighten you up. Sitting with it all will give you a sun tan. Brighter on the other side of it all.


Brushing your teeth before you eat and afterwards. This will give you a smooth run. Like a protection aura around the things you do. Before and after. All angles.


Meditate on a living room with no couch. Stools stacked on top of one another, shooting through the roof. No where to sit but the floor. This will bring you back to reality.


Ponder on meeting your dog out for dinner after work. Seeing others creatures outside of yourself will make for a feeling you can’t buy.


For an easy flow of ideas and doing something with them throughout your day ahead, making eyeshadow out of food colouring should be your very last thought of the day.


Things to think about: designer jeans for $1.00. Paired with boots to scoot in. Your face with buttons all over it like an iPhone. That will help you scroll less. There’s too many things your subconscious forces you to do.


Slowly smothering your whole body with yellow zinc. A big shield of yellow trust. Wake up and be okay to face the sun. No need to worry about getting burnt. You’ve done it before.

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