October Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial , October 1, 2019

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It’s a thought in my brain and a feeling inside, but not something I see in front of me. Kinda like our dreams. They live in a different dimension and you can’t touch them, but they’re real. Numbers, time, days of the week, months of the year and certain letters come through as waves of colour. One time it happened with music. It doesn’t make much sense but it’s the only way I know how to see the world. Each horoscope is inspired by the colours related to the zodiac’s date range (the two months it touches), and the overall colour I feel and see when I think of each sign. Libra is a warm, endearing amber with a twinkle of white, similar to September, but October is a creamy purple like the kind you’d find on a velvet couch. I hope you like them. Find your own star sign wallpaper below. – Lauren Grudzinski.


A common misunderstanding is that you are hot, red and explosive. You are a blue flame simmering, sitting under the table. Batting your eyelashes.


You are pink and unapologetic. Swishing to and fro. Your head tells you one thing, your heart tells you otherwise. Try the middle.


Two points of views make a stronger point of view. You’re gooey and green and everything in between. A surge or a pop! will see you through.


Purple is the new blue moody. Many puddles to stomp in. Whatever is royalty according to you.


Trust your inner rainbow. There’s a trampoline inside. Each time you jump you see a Pretty side of yourself you might have not seen before.


You know these are your colours. Everyone sees them on your sleeve. Like giant brooches you can’t seem to take your eyes off. Grandmas are cool.


Your heart is vast and shiny. It takes walks on Bondi Beach. No one else can predict your future like you can. You see it when you close your eyes in a the back of your Uber.


It takes a certain wave to get to your shore. Each one never closer for sure. Your brain bounces back and forth. Who rly are you? I know you’re not going to tell anyone the answer.


You pick your favourite song to play even when no one wants you to play it. A great convincer. Anything can happen at dusk.


Do you question correctly? All you’d really like to do is hug and be hugged. You miss the blue glue sticks from primary school.


Plummeting fast. Running to the top again. You heal fast because you know what’s good for you. Sunflower soap and a purple chopping board.


A boat made out of VCR players will keep you afloat. You secretly like the dark and scary that seeps in through the corners. Try not to Beyblade yourself.

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