October Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, October 3, 2018

Read time: 2 Mins

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You definitely need to know this to have a good or bad or nothing month.



Your head is spinning. Your head is spinning. Ride the dizzy. Sometimes we cannot prevent it. Ask your hair where it travels to in the night time. It looks dizzy in the morning.


What is next? Do you want there to be a next time? Hold your breath when hiccups occur. Add an extra teaspoon of sugar.


Do you think compliments are important? Because I like your toes. Pass it on. Lovers can be friends too. Friends can be lovers? Stop saying no.


Sometimes it kinda sucks that you have to act like a human to be the human you want to be. Even if every fibre inside of you doesn’t even want to be a human. Suck it.


What a day. What a week. What a minute. Wait a minute. Where did you see your reflection this morning? Someone once told you your coffee order was for fools. Good.


Do you ever go outside and feel an overwhelming sensation that a bird is going to poop on your head? Yes. Your scarf is the scarf that keeps going, and giving. She loops to loop to loop. You could say like Aladdin’s magic carpet. As fun as fun can be, you do not need your scarf to have that fun.


Try whatever you’d like to try, just to try it. The game is simple. Be sure to make use of labels this month. The sticky kind. Twinkle silently.


Clean your cuticles. Everything is overrated. Everyone wants to be different. Although, different is on the inconspicuous side. Your polka dots divert people to what you want them to see. You then wonder why no one sees what you’re trying to show them.


What is the word that you find hard to pronounce? When you think about not having a splinter for a while, you’ll probably get one.


Do you remember your favourite thing when you were eleven? Be your favourite thing that was your favourite thing when you were eleven.


Can you get to where you need to be without driving? How else could you get there? No pressure.


Write a letter addressed to: Whoever finds this. The wind makes songs for you. Leave the purring for the kitty cats.


Drawings by Ellen Jenkinson 😇

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