Oil & Water: Thoughts on Discipline & Desire with ADHD

By Megan Wild, March 21, 2023

Read time: 1 Min

Oil & Water: Thoughts on Discipline & Desire with ADHD Image

Discipline has always been a dirty word for me.

My desires are rooted in freedom and play and the need for routine structure in everyday life has always felt like it’s encroaching on my need for fun. Until recently I thought this was a fault of my own. My desires were somehow all wrong and my lack of discipline made me lazy or disinterested.

Others seemed to have effortlessly stricken a balance – equal parts of motivation, consistency and drive. But now I have a word. A label. I don’t love labels, although without them we often suffer in silence.

I now know my brain struggles with discipline for a biological reason and my desires are as valid as ever. My desires might not be fulfilled through structure like many but discipline looks different on everyone.

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