Oona’s 2019

By Oona Yaffe, January 7, 2020

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Oona’s 2019 Image

🐉made a movie

(See Before You Know It in theatres)

🐉 graduated from my school 

🐉 started at Choate Rosemary Hall

🐉 Joined a film club 

🐉 Went to Montreal for a long weekend

🐉 ate a shit ton of Canadian candy, mostly sour cherry blasters

🐉  Went to Sydney, Australia for thanksgiving  

🐉 Completed every shrine in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

🐉 Had my zodiac chart read

🐉 Started wasting my money away on coffee

🐉 Went as one of the Grady twins for halloween

🐉 Read Patti Smith’s “Just Kids”, had my whole worldview changed, and modified my whole aesthetic around it

🐉 Reconnected with some friends

🐉 Made the strudel from inglorious bastards…twice

🐉 Was photographed by a friend

🐉 Began making a documentary

🐉 Bought a pair of platform doc martens

🐉 Watched every relevant Timothee Chalamet movie

🐉 Binged the new season of bigmouth

🐉 Had my mind blown by the show Watchmen

🐉 Had some bad times

🐉 Had some good times

🐉 Nursed my growing fear that Trump will be reelected 

🐉 bought some vintage clothes

🐉 watched all of euphoria

🐉 Ironically went to see the film “Cats” and left hysterically laughing and emotionally destroyed

🐉 Read the Odyssey

🐉 Redid my room, went with a vintage thrift/ high fidelity energy

🐉 Didn’t bake as much as I wish I had

🐉 Mourned the death of the “happy foot sad foot” sign on sunset boulevard 

🐉 Wore more sustainable clothes

🐉 Got re-pissed that Greenbook won best picture

🐉 Ate less healthy

🐉 Regretted getting bangs (got bangs)

🐉 Cried in the mirror

🐉 Got acrylics for the first time

🐉  Had a crush

🐉 Got excited about fluff

🐉 Made a million playlists

🐉 Cut up my jeans while crying

🐉 Had a friend move away

🐉 started some art projects

🐉 Thought about rape culture

🐉 Read some poems

🐉 Wrote some poems

🐉 Watched The Godfather for the first time 

🐉 Tried a bunch of Australian chocolate bars

🐉 Watched 2001 a Space Odyssey, ngl it kinda sucks, I know it’s classic but it’s just a collection of ten minute shots of planets coming over the horizon

🐉 prepared for having existed during three decades

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