People Help People

By Kira Muller, July 5, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

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It’s so easy to lay on the bathroom floor

in your towel and become obsessed with the negative thought spirals. Steam fills the room, just like sadness and insecurities, soon enough it gets difficult to breathe. 

But I’ve tried to refocus my energy on my friends.

Cooking pasta with you and eating it on the floor of your veranda made my heart all fuzzy.

Using my beer bottle as a karaoke microphone onstage with you was very sweet. Sometimes I look at my tattoo and remember sipping lemonade with you.

Baking cupcakes in your oven and curling up on your couch like a cat to eat them made my heart equally as warm.

Seeing the pictures of you zooming around Europe on a bicycle made me miss you. The round yellow helmet made your head look like an egg yolk.

I love it when you send me videos of you playing the trumpet. You look so content.

Sharing a bottle of wine with you at that bar where Adventure Time played on a projector in the background was so adorable. We went into a bookstore that day and I felt so inspired hearing about all the books you had recently read and the way the words were braided into your brain.

Sending you jokes about work is sometimes what gets me through the day. Putting on facemasks together and talking about happiness, was soul-relieving.

Every day I write my to-do lists in my diary, I think fondly of you. You looked so good in that denim jacket. I ended up losing my jacket that night, but I gained you as a friend, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

The videos of the rain from the house in South Africa were so calming, and knowing you’re always looking out for me is a great sense of safety. Your hugs make me feel at home. 

Cheers. To the friends who have my back. To the late-night phone calls, and to the midday ones. To the Spotify song links. To getting your artwork in the mail. To the “this made me think of you” moments. Because sometimes, they’re the only things getting me through. 

Friends, I am so grateful for you.

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