Peta’s 2018

By Peta Brady, January 11, 2019

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Peta’s 2018 Image

🍝 Settled into a new life with old friends.

🍝 Met new people and loved them instantly.

🍝 Felt so alone it nearly killed me.

🍝 Recovered, slowly.

🍝 Realised just how many people care.

🍝 Cut ties with toxic family members.

🍝 Told some harsh truths.

🍝 Felt remorse.

🍝 Baked scones and made my own jam.

🍝 Celebrated my nine-year wedding anniversary.

🍝 Travelled to Europe for the first time.

🍝 Discovered the joys of cacio e pepe.

🍝 Ate my body weight in pasta.

🍝 Discovered there is such a thing as too much pizza.

🍝 Made out in a photo booth.

🍝 Smoked menthol cigarettes in more than one piazza.

🍝 Went to a museum filled with nothing but naked statues.

🍝 Swam in the most perfect ocean.

🍝 Got tattooed by my favourite artist in Amsterdam.

🍝 Got three other tattoos as well.

🍝 Found a bar named after Kevin Bacon.

🍝 Lost weight and put it all on again.

🍝 Launched a side business just for fun.

🍝 Didn’t win $5000.

🍝 Danced in a pride parade.

🍝 Went to a puppy birthday party.

🍝 Successfully grew tomatoes.

🍝 Went vegan.

🍝 Found out my favourite hash browns aren’t vegan.

🍝 Exceeded my annual reading goal.

🍝 Worked with some very inspiring people.

🍝 Felt inspired.

🍝 Wrote some words for Fluff.

🍝 Went to the opera. Fell asleep.

🍝 Saw loads of live music.

🍝 Grew my hair and cut it all off again. 

🍝 Dyed my hair pink (again).

🍝 Learned how to make a martini.

🍝 Drank too many martinis.

🍝 Was hungover, a LOT.

🍝 Ate too much Uber eats.

🍝 Got lost in the bush. Found trail mix in my bag and survived.

🍝 Raked my front lawn and sat in the sun.

🍝 Went looking for tulips, was told they weren’t in season. Had a nice time anyway.

🍝 Got a fancy new iPhone and took lots of photos.

🍝 Regained a little confidence.

🍝 Bought a fabulous pink fluffy coat and felt fabulous.

🍝 Ate a fancy 7-course degustation at a fancy winery with a fancy friend.

🍝 Went proper camping.

🍝 Held a bunny.

🍝 Decided to be more minimalist.

🍝 Donated half my wardrobe, even the stuff with tags on.

🍝 Got addicted to YouTube.

🍝 Was delivered the world’s smallest pizza slice.

🍝 Attempted drawing. Wasn’t very good.

🍝 Lost a little friend.

🍝 Became friends with my postman.

🍝 Resolved to do less online shopping.

🍝 Made exciting plans for the near future.

🍝 Tried my best to be kind.

🍝 Fucked up, more than once.

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