Pia’s 2020

By Pia Alzaga, December 24, 2020

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Pia’s 2020 Image

Besides Covid…

Overwhelmed my eyes with art galleries. Let go of a job I absolutely loved. Got to work with amazing women. Binged Star Wars. Met the goddess Kali. Finally got the rod removed. Felt mentally, emotionally and sexually liberated. Fell deeper in love. Got to visit Cairns right before the lockdowns. Started saving up for a cat. Dyed my hair halo/e-girl style in my 20s. Dyed it back to black. Grew more attached to my pug. Got more plants. Heightened my connection to nature. Got back to Uni. Cried. Questioned my place in the universe like ten times. Reflected. Started putting more awareness into what I put in my body. Yoga. Learning roller skating from scratch (proved to be the most humbling event in my 2020). Got more comfortable with change.

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