Privately Happy

By Ellen Jenkinson, May 23, 2023

Read time: 1 Min

Privately Happy Image

I’ve noticed that the happier I am in the real world, the less I share online. I’m wrapped up in living it, instead of obsessed with proving it. 

I’ve noticed the more beautiful I feel in myself, the fewer photos there are of it in my camera roll.  I don’t need to see it reflected back at me in my palm to know it’s there. It’s something that I feel, not something that I see.

It can’t be taken away from me and ‘likes’ online don’t make me like myself more.

When I scroll through my camera roll now I see sunsets, smiling faces, dogs, happy moments, the ocean, us, friends, family and my own face smiling back at me. There are some bad angles with some double chins, but I like how I look; like I knew these photos are just for me, not for the internet.

They feel more authentic because they’re private. 

I’m prettier now that I’m not trying to be pretty for anyone else. 

I’m happier now I am not trying to prove how happy I am.

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