Puti’s 2019

By Puti Violet , December 20, 2019

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Puti’s 2019 Image

Did a mini beach shoot of my friends wearing fancy clothing and lounging around on the sand

Went to Melbourne with my best friend and met the fluff girls <3

Volunteered in a shoot with my sister for Tara Chandra

Spent a lot of my time studying for exams and getting burnt out, thus doing really bad on those exams lol

Also spent a lot of my time catching buses, trains and ferries to watch people

Told my dad I loved him whenever I remembered to do so

Went to Meccaland, laughed a lot

Took a photo in kmart with my friends, bought a photo frame from kmart with my friends, painted that photo frame in starbucks (with my friends)

Treated some boys really badly

Did another shoot of some friends in my friend’s backyard

Made dumplings

Cried about climate change

Ate a lot of cashews

Spontaneously got eyelash extensions, then ripped them out as soon as I went home – tearing out half of my natural lashes before photo day

Worked a lot, hated everything a lot

Changed my art major at least twenty times

Went swimming whenever I could

Met creatives that were really mean

Ate a lot of food, was happy doing so

Celebrated all my friends turning 18 and getting completely trashed while doing so


Almost quit my job three times in the same month

Decided not to apply to Uni until next year

Bleached my hair, dyed it blue, dyed it back to normal

Told my friends how much I loved them

Drove around with my friends a lot

Tried to stop drinking coffee

Danced and cried to Norman Fucking Rockwell for a whole month

Started drinking coffee again

Climate rallies and strikes

Realised how much money I spent buying starbucks every morning before school

Binge watched Euphoria three times

Lounged around my backyard with my cat, eventually falling asleep on the grass and getting slightly sunburnt

Graduated high school

Studied too much, cried much more

Danced around my room a lot

Started waking up at 6am every morning for a long while

Started walking and running with my dad during those early mornings

Lost myself a bit after graduating high school

Spent many nights crying to myself on my roof

Ate an edible before my art exam

Broke up with my best friend

Felt insecure for a long time

Got back together with my best friend

Became really sad and felt very incomplete

Almost shut all of my friends out, not understanding how much I needed them

Took time hanging out with myself again

Binge watched Boy Meets World

Binge watched Girl Meets World

Finally got my L’s

Took time hanging out with my siblings again

Found myself again a little later

Hung out with my friends again

Started to read more books and drink more water

Spent today grocery shopping with my dad and eating a lot of fruit

Turned 18 and ate cake

Got another tattoo

Spoke to someone I haven’t spoken to in a long time

Forgave my mum for the past

Watched three Star Wars movies in one sitting

Wrote a very angry letter to local politicians

Ate a jar of dates

Saw my HSC results and laughed

Stopped laughing

Decided I wanted to be a tattoo artist

Slept a lot

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