Reflection of Everything

By Mihriban Fidan, June 20, 2024

Read time: 2 Mins

Reflection of Everything Image

Sometimes, I hear something—a little whetzel. The first time I heard it, I thought it came from the pipes. Then, it became louder and louder. I began to hear it every night and every morning. Then, it started to follow me outside of my home. It was then I realized I could hear this voice with every part of my body, with every strand of my hair. Suddenly, each of them became tiny antennas that knew and heard anything in this universe that has no end. 

I thought about what it could mean. Then, it hit me: maybe it was a warning, like those feelings people get when they sense rain is about to start. But why do I always imagine the worst? Why does the start of rain always have to be a warning? Then, I realized, maybe I can teach this magical, wheezy voice to talk and learn about everything—about what I am meant to be. Maybe then, it can tell me what I should wear that day, which perfume I should spray to be the most charming one. 

Then, one day, it started to speak every language that once existed in this ancient world. It started to tell me something, but foolishly, I didn’t pick up a single word it was saying. Then, I started to feel sorrow. Why can’t I understand this magical thing? Why can’t I speak all of these languages? Why didn’t I learn the things that this creature now knows? Why was I to be the one destined to be the common man that only eats, wears, and knows what she learned from her ancient family ? 

I felt small. I felt powerless. Maybe there was nothing I could do to change my destiny. How terrifying it is to consider the possibility that we are, like animals, never able to truly know what we love, what we despise, even when an all-knowing sound tries to help us in every language. We were just destined to be who we are. 

Oh, please dear reader, do not get me wrong. I do not testify that I believe in this hopeless theory. I’m just a poor messenger that You choose to listen to. Please, do not get frustrated with me because if I give up, and you give up too, then who will be the one that tries to understand the whetzel ?

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