Ruby Red Lube. Love Always, Red Lipstick xx

By Claudelle Savannah, January 16, 2023

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Ruby Red Lube. Love Always, Red Lipstick xx Image

I trace your softest silhouette
smeared and smacked on the little lines that whisper to the world
the safest smiles The saltiest smirk
the fire of a frown
but i hold a profound power
a secret weapon to seduce
of disguise and desire
silently shouting
into the dance of the day
and into the negligence of the night

That feelings are fleeting but your beauty is boundless and beyond
a cunning creature of colour
I paint you for the people
like one of my french girls
dripping in jewels
and nothing more
radiating in ravish
and nothing less

But most of all I paint you for you
A seamless smear
the sparkle in your spirit
and the ruby red lube
laced on your lips

Love always, 
red lipstick 

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