Sad & Mad

By Gray Galloway, March 20, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

Sad & Mad Image

I am very lost

and I am also confused.

The words ‘cruelty free’ float around like a little leaf. It weighs nothing. If it lands on your lap, you may not even feel it.

In May of 2018 I fell out of the brain wash. In March of 2019 I spent 2 hours looking for a mascara that was:

A. Cruelty free

B. Vegan

C. Good

D. Available

Shopping cart: 0

Did a fish or a fluff ever have you to drip chemicals into its eyes? Have you ever haphazardly taken a bees ability to provide for their bubs or preserve food for the winter? Did you ever wash a speck (or hundreds) of glitter down the drain?

Perhaps not with your very own hands but maybe with your wallet.

‘Cruelty free’ is for the most part, a deep muddy puddle. What it really means is, the company hasn’t tested (or funded the testing of) any of their components or finished products on animals. Even so, many of these same companies use ingredients in some of their products obtained from (both alive or otherwise) creatures that clearly didn’t place it in their palms. 

Not all processes hurt bugs and fish and fluffs but it’s hard to be sure of which ones do. Vegan cosmetics are everyone’s friend. Even fairies buy vegan.

Sad and mad, but with love. I am trying my very hardest to fill my brain to the brim so I can do my best to help. But the more I do, the more I know and the angrier and sadder and all the other words I become.

While my brain was frying and crying in confusion, wise woman Emma Hakansson told me, ‘We vote with our dollar’. Doing the right thing sometimes requires a more mindful mind, but the big and little creatures say thank you.

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