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By Daphne Andromeda, October 18, 2021

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What is optimism?

A feeling? An opinion? to me, the devil’s advocate, optimism is truly pessimism, wrapped in colour and hope and dreams that we ourselves, refuse to see her trueness.

I dream of optimism in my sleep; she haunts me for something that slips away faster than thoughts and ideas about things I’d like or hope to occur – are they optimism?

There isn’t a person on this planet who hasn’t experienced an aspect of optimism, but as a whole, I doubt there are many. I wish I could have a bright outlook and happiness, an undeniable lust for joy, but I can’t. Because every dream has a shadow and a voice that is louder, and she has left again.

– Daphne Andromeda

a 16 year old, British girl with a profound realisation that literature is one of the only places of freedom, but also another place of restriction

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