September Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, September 4, 2020

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lucky hairs

Original scans from For Teens Only Magazine September 1967.

AQUARIUS – you’re a very talented girl but you can tend to be “moody” at times. Nevertheless, your “head” rules more than your “heart”. You’re kind and understanding.. and your many friends admire you for that most of all. For you, we suggest a hairdo from Charles of the Ritz, with a smooth crown and bang, a flippy flip and a swirl of curl at the back. It’s unpredictable, sociable and swinging – like you!

ARIES – If you were born under this sign, you’ve got a sharp sense of humour, you’re proud of yourself and you’re a little more sophisticated than most girls your age. Your birthstone, you know, is the diamond, the most elegant of jewels! You like to dress up for evening – and this hairstyle by Tony Migliaro of the Joyce Christopher Salon is “it”. The hair was creme rinsed to softness by Clairol Hair – So – New. Behind the wispy bangs, the hair is swept high over the crown of the head and waves on the other side. So chic!

PISCES – You’ve got a great imagination and you’re a romantic at heart. Although you’re sometimes reserved and shy, people who get o know you find you a real charmer! For the romantic, shy violet side of you, this hairdo is ideal. Bangs puff down to the forehead while the sides are puled back. The ends turn under all around. At the crown, try a big bow that gives you that touch of innocence!

TAURUS – You’ve got a special kind of prettiness and a very special kind of grace. You’re very affectionate, devoted and loyal to those you love. You’re careful in what you do and hardly ever splurge or do things on the spur of the moment. Your perfect hairdo is simple, flowing and extremely feminine. Breck Go Go light fave the hair glimmering blonde high-lights… Jerry Pandora pulled it away from the face to the crown, secured it, then let it hang loose to the shoulders.

GEMINI – If Gemini is your sign, you’re a bright girl and you can hold up your end of the converstaion. You’re active in social things and eager to get the job done so you can move on to the next. You’re talented, creative, helpful. The hairdo we’ve chosen for you lets you be actie and still be smartly-coiffed. It has fluffy bangs, straight sides that flip up slightly and a lifted crown swept to one side. Simple, but chic – and that’s you, too!

LEO – You’re the gal of action – forceful, dynamic, very friendly, very generous and inclined to temper at times. Your birthstone is the fiery ruby – and you live up to it. Because your life is so interesting, so active, so constantly changing, you prefer to keep your hair short. This style, made soft and manageable by condition by Clairol, is just the thing. Sides and back lie close to the head while the top explodes with fluffy curls to the bangs. Definitely vivacious – so much like you!

CANCER – You’re everything most boys like in a girl – patient, loyal, affectionate, sympathetic. You’re good in the kitchen and you can’t think of anything more wonderful than having a home and family of your own. Your ideal hairdo is as modest as you are.. with short bangs, a raised crown and the hair gathered in the back and held with a demure bow. Guy Ruzzo of Garrison Ramon styled it and Clairol Kindness gave it holding power and body.

VIRGO – You’re the gal who’s often called “cool, calm and collected”. Sloppiness and a change in routine irritates you. You can generally be counted on to keep your room neat and to be beautifully dressed all the time. In your choice of hairdos, you’re usually conservative. This one suits you wonderfully.. smoothly lifted off the neck and swept back from the face into a high-high pony tail, which is fluffed out and pinned under at the neck. So neat, so well-groomed!

LIBRAYou, as a Libra girl, are libale to be one of the prettiest girls in town! You’re talented, too, especially in the areas of art, drama and music. You have a wide circle of friends but you can be very loyal to special loved ones. The hairdo you should wear is striking, elegant and artistic. This one, by Jerry Pandora, has bangs divided in the center that flow down to the barely curled sides. The gleaming highlights come from Breck Go Go Light and add the touch of sparkle that’s always a part of you.

CAPRICORN – You’re a born leader, sensitive and with a basic female intuition. You may flirt a little on the outside, but inside you’re serious-minded and determined. You perfect hairdo points out both aspects of your personality. Jerry Pandora created this casual flip with full straight bangs. Longer on the sides, it waves towards the face, then away. So right for you now-breezy, now-serious nature.

SCORPIO – You’re the emotional type and are capable of loving very deeply. You’re fond of luxuries and your taste in clothing and personal grooming is excellent. You’re capable and exciting – but you don’t like to brag about it. For you, we suggest a classica hairdo styled by Jerry Pandora and highlighted by Breck Go Go Light. It has thick bands and swept-back crown with sides that swoosh behind the ears. The back and sides turn under tenderly at the neck for a distinctly feminine look!

SAGITTARIUS – Sagittarians like you are a boy’s best friend. You’re deeply sympathetic, very emotional and one of the best companions he can find. Also you’re athletic… you love sports and are willing to try new things. You’re adventurous and honest, frank and easy-going. Your hairdo should be cute and casual.. like this banged coif that featured little pony tails at the ears. It’s jaunty, it’s a little bit wild – a lot like you!

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