Show us.

By Jia Shin, May 3, 2020

Read time: 1 Min

Show us. Image

the scars we fight to conceal
brainwashed to want perfection
blaming ourselves for not meeting a quota
like a product on a shelf

thinking we have expiry dates
one second to ugly
one second to unloveable
the drive to be someone else
like we’re the worst we could want to be

blank minds filled with blank screens

because beauty is not a one size fits all
so called ‘representation’ of the population
no, beauty does not fill our quota
our value, our self worth
the strength in our hearts, the determination of our dreams, love in our touch and lessons in our wisdom.

show us the representation we need,
burn the veil in which we hide
let billboards be replaced with our faces and our stories
the future and present the past,
tell the truth that we exist too.

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