By Hollie Toms, May 10, 2020

Read time: 1 Min

Sicko Image

It started at the beginning of all the ‘end of the world’ pandemic bs.
All these girls vowing to come out of hibernation 1000x hotter.
Do the Chloe ting workouts, have a slim waist and a$$, eat keto now, don’t eat carbs.

But I liked pasta, soft pillowy goodness. Now I see 352 big ones in a handful of pillowy goodness.

I look at my dinner plate like a poker table in Vegas, pluses and minuses>
I’m winning big, if i include the run I’ll do later tonight and this mornings sit up ritual.
I think I’d be a good card counter, ’21’ style.
But it’s really okay, I’m fine.

The weight is still there, just relocated from my belly to my brain.
I’m okay I promise.

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