Six Memories

By Fluff Editorial, March 22, 2018

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For Six Songs

Vacuum – Gang Gang Dance

I smell peppermint. I’m laying on my bed. It’s not my bed. It’s my friend’s bed in her spare room. I’m staying there for a little while. I’m watching the Supreme ‘Cherry’ film. That’s how I found this song. I remember walking down the street with my new shoes. It was cloudy and raining for weeks. I loved it. The song sounds like a spiral down into a grey cold nothing. I’d listen to it on the train with all of the rain drops around me. It reminds me of walking home from work. I made earrings. I got paid in cash. My knicker draw was full of cash. I would grab a handful like Molly Gunn in Uptown Girls and go and buy two or three bottles of rosé on a Friday afternoon.

Magic Spells – Crystal Castles

This song reminds me of driving around with my friend at night for no reason in particular. We like to do laps around town. We listen to Crystal Castles. I see little lights on the dashboard and street lamps. We keep going around in circles. I trust him. The town is by a river. Huge snaps and growls, like thunder reach us from a distance. I looked out of the car window and I saw fireworks! We drove down to the river. We had the perfect view but an old man told us to leave. I see more darkness in front of us. Flickering lights. I feel cool.

Vidual – King Krule

When I hear this song, I feel like I’m back at home. My skin is warm. I’m hanging upside down from the lifeguard tower. Now my skin is cold. My little brother would drive us to the beach every afternoon and we would listen to this song. He would go for a surf and I would watch him while hanging upside down. I would laugh and laugh until my head hurt. I can feel and see the exact part of the road where he would speed up. We would both scream and yell along with the song. RAAARRGHHH.

Cool Blue – The Japanese House

I can feel this memory. It hurts. A lot. I smell plastic, like Polly Pocket plastic. I’m in my bedroom with my lamp that had a pink bulb. My mattress is on the floor. Then I’m watching The 1975 live again. I feel hands around my waist but I feel lonely. My skin was so sun kissed, it was caramel and I lots of pimples on my face.

One Million Lovers – The Growlers

I’m tying my shoe laces on the floor of a boys bedroom I met on Tinder. I put on the clothes I wore the night before. I was wearing a turtleneck. He was really clever. I didn’t want to listen to him talk but we took his dog for a walk, anyway.

Meet Ur Maker – Shlohmo

This song reminds me of the eleven candles we had burning on our little round table. Cosy on the floor we were. We preformed a séance. I was drinking Bacardi like water. I feel a cold breeze. I fell asleep on the bathroom floor. I remember the roof looking like it was caving in on me. I threw up.

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