The Pact

By Kim Kathleeen, January 11, 2019

Read time: 1 Min

The Pact Image

Let’s all make a pact,

I’ll look at my phone and you look at yours and then we won’t have to acknowledge the fact that we are all here together in this vehicle travelling from one place to another and we can each have our headphones in nice and tight and suffocating to block out the sound of that screaming baby and it will be loud in our heads but when your headphone falls out and you bend down to pick it up you will hear the silence and wonder what that lady is thinking about and where that man is going and how strange it is that we are desperately searching for genuine connections and heartfelt intimacy but when we are placed on a big mobile relationship station crammed between a grandma and a student and an immigrant and a newborn baby you will put your headphones back in and look out the window while I look away and pretend to be busy.

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