The world is very complicated.

By Sofia Carey, April 21, 2020

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The world is very complicated. Image


Will I love him till I die?

I will always feel something towards him.

Will it be love? I’m not sure.

Are love and immense care different things?

These things, these questions, I do not yet have answers for. I do not have to know.

Although I wish everyone could be, and although I do not need to be right now, I hope to always be confident in how I feel about matters such as these.

In my mind, I feel I will need to be positive about how I feel because no one else ever will be. It makes it easier when you understand how you feel about it – have picked apart and decoded your own thoughts and emotions on the matter.

But I don’t need to know.

I am not greater or lesser than anyone else.

Every experience teaches you more about yourself and how you fit in with the things around you; your place, your role, your purpose?

Does everyone have a purpose? Probably not. Not big ones anyway.

Everyone leaves a mark on the people they pass; I think. That is purpose enough.

I like to believe in fate and destiny and that everything happens for a reason, but it probably doesn’t. Even if this isn’t the case, if you believe it to be true, you will make it mean something you know?

I often think about placebos.

Like fake pills or whatever.

And I think, as long as it’s giving you the affect that you desire, it doesn’t matter if it is chemically occurring due to that pill or not.

It’s a funny thought but it comes into my mind quite frequently.

The world is very complicated.

I somewhat look forward to picking it apart and finding new thoughts like that one.

Nice, naïve, intricate thoughts.

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