By Devina Maurice, March 15, 2019

Read time: 1 Min

Therapy Image

Perhaps I become entrapped

In my selfishness

My desperation 

To be everywhere at once

And nowhere at all 

I forget 

You are a fragment of myself 

Who feels the same torment as I 

And as I embark

On this tumultuous path

The both of us feel the pain

I forget 

That pain exhausts

That frustration 

Can rise in one’s chest

Can lick and burn like flames

Even if it is not one’s own

I seek your reassurance 

I crave 

For you to tell me

That what I’m doing is ok

I know you can only speak 

The truth

It is wrong of me

To bombard you with words

With thoughts

To dive before I can paddle

And expect you to rescue me

From the depths 

Before my heart 

Or my trust

Is anywhere,

It is with you

I’m sorry that I took it for granted.

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