This our our survival story

By Tess O , August 8, 2020

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This our our survival story Image

nd I watched in awe as the striking blond woman from the Netherlands, reenacted in detail, of

the time she slaughtered a goat when surviving in the wilderness of New Zealand’s Southern

Alps. But out of all the intriguing survival stories Miriam Lancewood shared, the one that jumped

out and pulled me in was her fight with boredom.

In most survival movies and stories, the audience never hears or sees the times in between

harvesting berries, searching for freshwater or creating shelter. What is rarely shown or

expressed is the sitting around and waiting for the day to go by. Lancewood exclaimed that the

adaptation to doing absolutely nothing is torturous.

In some form or another every single one of us is living our own survival story. Especially given

current circumstances. And given those circumstances we are forced to live and dwell in our

own boredom. Must boredom be such a bad thing? How often do we get this opportunity to do

nothing, absolutely nothing. For some, the pleasure may not even arise in their lifetime. As

humans we love to complain, but what will complaining do? How about we get to know

ourselves, write a lovesong to nobody and dance around our kitchen in our underwear.

This is our survival story and man there’s a lot of sitting around.

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