Some Thoughts

By Freya Sul, September 11, 2018

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from Freya


I used to love butterflies

before I saw one up close.

From far away all I could see

was a flurry of patterned wings

fluttering in the wind.

But upon closer inspection it was clear they were simply glorified bugs. And I hated bugs.

This seems to apply to a lot of things in my life. From far away things are nice and pretty, but up-close things aren’t so nice. I think maybe that’s why I prefer ignorant bliss. A swirl of distant patterns rather than a caterpillar playing dress-ups.


Why are there rules to what counts as words and what doesn’t ? I think any jumble of letters can make a word as long as it means something to you. Words exist so we can express how we feel. And if some gibberish makes sense, why not speak gibberish ?

Niggly can mean anything. To me it’s the feeling you get when your tummy starts a tickle fight. Or when it shudders at something gross. Or the moment before you shiver and your body is itching to release a weird little dance. Or when your body feels stuffy. Yuck ! [or when you’ve had too many tall iced americanos] The word itself makes me feel niggly.


I once had a Winx DVD that changed endings every time I watched it.

It made me sad that I would never be able to see the same ending twice.

It made me even sadder that I always forgot the ending before.

As I watched, I knew I would forget the ending.

This was the last time it would ever exist.

I think that’s pretty scary.

Something just ceasing to exist.


When I read what I write,

It makes me sad.

Does that mean I’m sad?

I promise you I’m quite happy.

How to : poetry

Would someone please teach me how to write a poem. When I think of poems I think of a carefully curated string of words that fit perfectly into place. Like Tetris. Yet spontaneous enough to be authentic. And I can’t seem to hold my feelings long enough to find the perfect words in the perfect order.

A ten-word sentence I made up when I was 11

Hi my name is Freya and I like to play.


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