Tik Tok makes me anxious

By Maria Ermides, May 31, 2021

Read time: 2 Mins

Tik Tok makes me anxious Image

I thought:

TikTok was doing it right. 

I thought it was a more real, safer place to scroll.

But I just watched a Mum in America ‘taste test’ two cakes made for her Birthday on camera and face plant into them while her daughter looked on in horror. 

Why? Why though??

Did she not want to put candles on those cakes and enjoy them with her family in private?

Don’t take me wrong, I enjoy the outfit checks and random aesthetic compositions of what people do in their day, but I can’t handle noise-making for the sake of it. 

Some say Gen Z is the culprit behind documenting their every breakdown, but I would argue that more and more it’s humankind that is forsaking their own dignity on a daily basis to be validated online. 

And there is something seriously wrong with this need that people have, to put their desire to be in the spotlight before living out their lives in real-time. 

While I get that TikTok is a light-hearted space that offers a much-needed break from the filtered, static images we see on Instagram, it’s also becoming a free-for-all where the quantity of followers is favored over quality content. 

I appreciate the realness, I do, I just personally think we could do with more well-intentioned creators in this space. 

Because the more we feed into this crap, the more money businesses will invest sponsoring influencers who aren’t really all that influential making the masses believe that quick internet fame is something to aspire to. 

In some ways, I’m grateful for watching that god-awful video this morning because it made me realise how much I value my life outside of looking at my phone and how much more energy I need to invest into it. 

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