Tilly’s 2019

By Tilly Pungitore, December 29, 2019

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Grew up so much this year, went to uni but got taught more by Bobo and Flex.
Decided to drop out of uni and work, now I have a happy bank account.
Unfortunately happy bank account did not equal happy me, but that was a predictable punch line.
Uncovered a few secrets this year, some of which came with friendship brake-ups.
Said fuck it quite a bit, which resulted in more tattoos than I expected and jobs I hadn’t imagined.
Released a music video which makes me feel giddy.
These are just the significant things tho.
This year I also ate a lot of dumplings,
Rode my bike in the city for the first time,
Went to the museum with my bf,
Went paintballing and was covered in bruises for the following week,
Became vegetarian- mostly,
Started going to the gym
And moved house.
I didn’t particularly love this year but that’s ok too.
Luck for me though I have a sixth sense when it comes to intuition, and next year feels like it’s gonna be extraordinary.

In the meantime, to bring closure to my year I’m going to relax with my cat, drink gin and tonic till the sun goes down every night and make sure I say I love you to my family before I go to bed each night.

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