We need boredom

By Cassie van Praag , August 4, 2020

Read time: 1 Min

We need boredom Image

Like darkness is the absence of light so is boredom the absence of inspiration

It causes us to reach deeper inside ourselfs to find what makes us feel alive

If we lived without sadness how would we know what makes us truly happy

If we lived without boredom, if we never felt numb or uninspired, would we ever feel truly satisfied with our accomplishments if we already started from a place of satisfaction?

We need boredom.
We need to be able to view the world from a place of disinterest.
We need to be able to view the world as dull.

This opens ourselves up to be inspired.
It challenges us to imagine and create what is needed to change our perspective and our feelings towards our situation and the world around us.

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