Weather Forecast

By Fluff Editorial, February 26, 2019

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Forecasting the weather is easy peasy. You lie. 

A week that you will meet this week. Seven days. 

There are also seven deadly sins. One for each day. 

There is Greed, Gluttony and Lust. Number four is Envy. Meet Sloth next. Wrath and Pride. Do the math.

Somebody told me that Monday’s clouds like to swallow everything they see before them. She keeps all of the sun for herself. 

Tuesday feels bright. Not too warm. A bit piercing. Cute cardigan. Tuesday steps on each piece of land that Tuesday can find. Just because. 

Wednesday will rain for fun, I think. And if it fails to do so, try cheering the day up. Orange juice. Our minds believe we deserve the weather we wish for. Dance for it. 

Thursday could bring sky tears. The sky is pretty after a cry. Daisy fresh. 

Friday sees a post-sob glow. No need to fix what is not broken. Snooze.

Saturday and Sunday do whatever they please. No rules. Saturday growls. She could demand everyone to stay inside if they are not careful. Sunday kisses herself. She cannot help herself.

So, do the math,

and sin. 

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