what am i optimistic about?

By Jasper Urban, September 2, 2021

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what am i optimistic about? Image


today i was asked what i’m optimistic about.
this question felt a little heavy.
i tripped on my words, trying gather an answer that promised i still felt a sense of optimism.
but thinking back i needed to be asked this question.
to re evaluate the ways i choose to show up for myself and others.

recently i have been feeling lost,
feeling like i have to pretend i’m not,
but maybe feeling lost means more than not knowing or not being bothered to find out.
maybe there’s opportunity in feeling lost.i accept that feeling a little lost will motivate me to discover what i need and want.
in ways avoiding this truth would not.
being left with no direction could inspire something new.
to truly find what fuels me and my soul.
but i won’t promise myself i won’t feel lost or uncertain in the future.i feel optimistic about my journey from feeling lost to finding myself.
about one day understanding why our population is suffering. and why this cycle bound by rules feels never ending.
about moving forward. together. because we are not alone in this.i am optimistic about the way my growth will attract a life that i feel fulfilled by.
and not saying that i wish to avoid discomfort in that, i hope that i can welcome discomfort and remind myself that there is meaning behind it.i am optimistic about how my hopes and dreams are coming to fruition. every day.
even if not tangible to others.
the small things i accomplish that are unique and only recognisable to me.it feels easier to see the world from a pessimistic view, but i don’t want to blame everything and everyone for the way i feel anymore.i now see that optimism is a choice.
it is not reliant on or defined by how seemingly great life is at that point in time.
it is a mindset that allows me to appreciate the small things while also continuing to dream big.

i am optimistic that if i look hard enough, what is lost can be found.

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