What would you be?

By Peta Brady, October 9, 2018

Read time: 2 Mins

What would you be? Image

I’d be a dolphin.

Sleek and smart and playful. I’d make people laugh and smile as I surfed the waves with my dolphin friends.

I’d be a ballet dancer. Long and lean and elegant with banged up feet. But I wouldn’t mind about my feet, it’s just part of the deal.

I’d be a big old tree in a big green park. Everyone would climb high in my branches, and birds would sing songs amongst my leaves.

I’d be a river, flowing fast and free, running nowhere in particular.

I’d be an overweight tourist with a bum bag and socks with sandals. I’d read aloud from an outdated guidebook and irritate locals with a string of mispronunciations.

I’d be an old library book, held and loved by hundreds. All dogeared and tatty but such a good read.

I’d be a fat rescue cat, lazy and smoochy with a long fluffy tail. I’d eat tuna fish and sleep all day long.

I’d be a faraway galaxy, with twinkly lights and a rainbow of colours. I’d be admired through a telescope and never up close.

I’d be a bullet train, going really really fast and stopping for no one.

I’d be a wealthy philanthropist travelling the world, donating money to people and animals in need.

I’d be a dusty old trinket, salvaged from the back shelf of a thrift store.

I’d be a crisp green apple straight off the tree, making your insides feel good and healthy.

I’d be a fluffy cloud, drifting aimlessly in a bright blue sky, changing shape whenever I pleased.

I’d be a song you can’t get out of your head. A good song, not a bad one.

I’d be a graceful black spider, spinning an elaborate web and admiring my handiwork.

I’d be an alien looking down on Earth, wondering what the hell all those humans are up to. And that would be fair, because humans are weird and hard to understand sometimes.

What would you be?

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