Will I Dream Again?

By Ailene Wu , November 7, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

Will I Dream Again? Image

dreams are funny little things.

i like to think of them as a manifestation of our hopes, ambitions and wildest imaginations. there has been countless research papers written on why we dream, how they’re formed and what their actual purpose is for us, as humans. freud concluded that dreams are based on the idea of repressed longing – which basically means that time you had a dream about being smothered with cute, fluffy bunny rabbits was your unconscious mind being able to act out your thoughts and desires. 

i think everybody needs to have a couple dreams in life – maybe they’re even more important than goals. and it’s okay if they’re a bit unrealistic or silly, because it’ll feel even more satisfying when you achieve them. 

i love to dream when i sleep. as a kid i used to look forward to when mumma would tuck me into my doona because i never knew what sort of adventure i would be going on that night. was i going to be able to fly around the world again, right up in the sky with the clouds? or was i going to rescue a million puppies and take them all home with me? sometimes when i woke up the next morning i’d start crying because i would forget what my happened in my dreams – so my sisters made me a dream diary to write in. 

now that i’m kinda, almost, practically an adult, my dreams have gone away. i miss them a lot though. it seems like now, more than ever, i’d love to have a break from my reality. 

my diary has been pretty empty for the past couple of years as well, but maybe that’s because my childhood dreams have been replaced with something more serious… more substantial. lists of my goals, ambitions and things i need to get done fill the pages of my notebooks now instead. i hope one day i can write about my dreams again. 

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