You’re Not A Seamstress

By Amira Akhtar, November 7, 2022

Read time: 1 Min

You’re Not A Seamstress Image

i think i don’t believe it’s possible that someone else can know
everything about me, about why i did something
the way i did but i want that person to know me.

how much of this life is just trying to be understood by the outside world?

no-one feels what i feel with the memories that i have but
you can come close if you listen(?)

do you think people who spend time with your family realise why you
are the way you are?

i don’t           know          if i have the vocabulary or the energy to voice how
i’m feeling but i wish i could just pull out my stitching to show u. you’d
only be observing the seams but i hope you’d be able to solve

if you wanted.

i don’t want to be consoled, i want to be heard.

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