5 Things That Should Be Red

By Fluff Editorial, February 28, 2018

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5 Things That Should Be Red Image

Maybe I am making this up

but I read somewhere that the colour red provokes your brain into going through with decisions that are somewhat on more impulsive side. Just my luck, there happens to stand a tall wall of red to the right of me in my new work space. All of this red has gone to my head. And if I were ever graced with the power of being a human embodiment of Microsoft Paint, here are five things I would make red with this new found power of mine.

1. The road when the ground is unbearably hot.

As it turns out, I’m not invincible so sometimes after a long hot day of sunbeams from hell; The road beneath my feeties is quite unbearable. I think it would be nicer to see what parts of the road I shouldn’t be walking on, just like my stove top.

2.  Dolphins.

The more I think about dolphins being red, the more I believe that they really should have been red in the first place.

I’ve never seen a red dolphin before. If there was such a thing, I’d like to meet one because I love a good party animal.

3.  Boys cheeks when I look at them or better yet, speak to them.

They deserve it and so do I. I’m worth blushing over.

4.  My tears.

I get a real kick out of freaking people out. If red tears ran down my face each time I cried, everyone would think I was crying tears of blood. Maybe people would stop and think before they make me cry!

5.  My iMessage bubbles.

I’m tired of the blue. Red bubbles would make breakup texts warmer. Ugly texts would be cuter. Red text bubbles everywhere, thanks to me.

And the big red wall to my right should be a pool so I can take a quick dip. Ciao for now.


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