A list of things.

By Peta Brady, March 31, 2020

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A list of things. Image

Tidy your room
Water your plants (not too much)
Take a nap in a sunbeam
Brush your hair 100 times
Make a cup of tea
Make another cup of tea when the first one goes cold 
Play with Fluff
Take a crappy photo and post it anyway
Watch a really trashy reality show
End a toxic friendship
Spy on your neighbours 
Put on lipstick for no reason
Play dress ups 
Tell someone about your feelings
Get a pen pal
Start a vlog channel
Clean the lids of all your condiments
Dust your bedside table
Make your bed
Clean a window
Cook spaghetti 
Stare at the ceiling
Listen to something that makes you smarter
Walk in a park
Start a book club 
Colour code your wardrobe
Shop online from a small business
Eat breakfast for dinner
Organise your desktop folders 🙈
Choose a book with your eyes closed
Finish a 1500 piece puzzle
Paint all your nails a different colour
Start a journal
Apply lip oil
Make a sandwich
Mail something to a friend without telling them
Put your phone apps in alphabetical order
Wash your face
Save some money
Make a list of things to do

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