Am I Obsessed With The Wrong Things?

By Fredrika von Trott, April 9, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

Am I Obsessed With The Wrong Things? Image

Obsession is a burgeoning desire, a fixation in which we can’t control, but accept.

I am obsessed with dogs, good films, and unfortunately, the way I look.

I asked myself, am I obsessed with the wrong things?

The presence of social media in my life has driven me, like many of us, to be obsessed with beauty. Social media has defined a new standard of beauty, where fake lashes and glowing highlight has been conditioned to be the new norm. Younger generations are being pushed by influencers to buy products they are convinced they need, but don’t. Not realising, that beauty doesn’t come from how much money you spend, or how you look on the outside. 

The toxicity of social media has concealed the true meaning of beauty, where it’s not based on your online presence or even the way you look. The standard of beauty changes every century, and 21st century standards are toxic for young girls, with the exponential growth of the beauty industry.
The debate between passion and obsession lingers in my mind, the belief of manifestation makes us feel as if obsession is a positive thing. However, obsession is like a mask, only allowing us to see in one direction. Obsession is commonly a negative passion.

If being obsessed with something changes the way you feel about yourself in a negative way, then it’s wrong.

The intensity that comes with the obsessions we acquire is addictive. Obsession should drive us, it should motivate us and make us feel powerful, rather than making us compare ourselves to people we don’t even know. Being obsessed with things that enrich us, allowing our personal development is the only kind of healthy obsession, like being obsessed with an author who speaks to you, or films that inspire you.

Obsession unbalances us as people. Being obsessed with beauty or the way we look means that we try to find this balance not through who we are as individuals, but how we feel in comparison to the people around us.

To overcome obsessions we find another one, so find a great author, a new passion, an interesting idea, stop obsessing over how you look, you look great. Obsession is a wasteful activity when it’s a destructive concept, like beauty.

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