Case of Nostalgia

By Claire Fowler, May 14, 2018

Read time: 1 Min

Case of Nostalgia Image

Sometimes, I think I get overly nostalgic.

Because things are never that great in the moment.

Your brain tricks you into thinking something was much better than it really was. And the things that are worth remembering, are easily forgotten. It’s a strange thing really. And I spend too much time dwelling on it.

I lay on the floor, chin in my palms, daydreaming about the old times. I watch films I saw growing up, like Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Spirited Away. But in the moment, I never thought I’d be planted on my couch, re-watching them at 16, claiming I have the worlds worst case of nostalgia.

I don’t seem to remember that during those times there was also sorrow and hurt. My brain seems to cut that part out.

During all of this, I’ve missed out on making new memories, because I’m hung up on the not-so-great past.

And in the end, I’m only fooling myself.

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