Catia’s 2018

By Catia Toniolo, December 30, 2018

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🌈 Relived my childhood playing Donkey Kong in Sorrento. Got thumb cramps.

🌈 Went to New Zealand. Got scared while driving up a mountain. Got scared on a chair lift. Got scared on a gondola. Got scared on the plane.

🌈 Appreciated having my feet on the ground.

🌈 Had my tea leaves read. Was told I would have twins. Was happy about it.

🌈 Moved out.

🌈 Had many Summer Fridays.

🌈 Accidentally got drunk on gin smoothies. My boyfriend was mad.

🌈 Drove way less. Walked way more.

🌈 Hung out with friends at work instead of doing work.

🌈 Danced in my Converse at a wedding. Sweated half my body weight.

🌈 Loved my friends.

🌈 Cried my eyeballs out in the ocean after finishing a book.

🌈 Bought a couch. Sat on couch. Was so happy with couch.

🌈 Befriended a 20 year old. Introduced her to my mum.

🌈 Learnt what it was like to do house cleaning on the weekends. And what paying rent felt like.

🌈 Missed my dad so much.

🌈 A fly flew up my nose and got stuck there for a month. Sneezed him out in pieces over the course of that month.

🌈 Took photos of dead fly body parts.

🌈 Enjoyed my morning coffee.

🌈 Had a surfing lesson. Peed in my wet suit, felt it move up my body, it kept me warm.

🌈 Laughed so much. Inhaled seawater.

🌈 Had a girl gang weekend in Lorne. Embraced topless sun-baking in Australia.

🌈 Watched close friends have babies. Held babies. Cried.

🌈 Went to Ikea too many times.

🌈 Joint a gym for the first time in my life. Was proud of my friend.

🌈 Was in a car accident. My fear of freeways was proven worthy.

🌈 Stuck stickers on every pole I passed on my morning walk.

🌈 Was happy about a door.

🌈 Was happy about Fluff. Proud, too.

🌈 Was sad about Fluff at times. Had feelings.

🌈 Had many dinner parties. Enjoyed having my own kitchen. Loved cooking.

🌈 Ate pies at the footy. Was genuinely sad we didn’t win the grand final.

🌈 Made friends with wine makers. Couldn’t be happier about it.

🌈 Discovered Vegemite bagel chips. Ate them in bed hungover.

🌈 Went to a lake house. Span on a wizzy dizzy in a kids park. Felt high.

🌈 Discovered a farmers market down the street. I’m now addicted to crumpets.

🌈 Made new friends. Can’t remember losing any old ones.

🌈 Sat on a friend’s floor in front of the fireplace for hours, patting her dog.

🌈 Felt happy and unhappy and nothing at the same time. And at seperate times.

🌈 Felt really really sad.

🌈 Got given a block of gold. Was asked a question.

🌈 Got drunk for breakfast.

🌈 Wanted to buy a house. Missed out on it.

🌈 Burnt a rainbow candle.

🌈 Helped paint a painting. Realised how nice it felt.

🌈 Empathised.

🌈 Had a house party.

🌈 Bought big-girl undies.

🌈 Spent ages watching people get their makeup done.

🌈 Slept at my mums house a lot. I love her.

🌈 Went to Sydney and put fake tan on.

🌈 Ate so much pasta.

🌈 Took lots of photos of Vinnie pooing.

🌈 Bought books that I didn’t read.

🌈 Added a potato danish to my morning coffee order.

🌈 Was really happy for my sister.

🌈 Was really happy that my brother got engaged.

🌈 Was really happy that my family was getting bigger, especially after it had gotten smaller.

🌈 Forgot that I left my car in another suburb for a week, until I needed to drive it. Too many times.

🌈 Spent money on sheets and furniture and stupid things that I didn’t want to spend money on.

🌈 Let my boyfriend pay my bills.

🌈 Did my grocery shopping out of my mum’s fridge.

🌈 Got countless songs stuck my head, thanks Shelby.

🌈 Cried secretly a lot.

🌈 Read some books.

🌈 Didn’t shop much. Was happy about that.

🌈 Got my boots fixed.

🌈 Questioned my life.

🌈 Went to a funeral.

🌈 Went to a lawyers office.

🌈 Hibernated.

🌈 Dreaded New Years Eve.

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