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By Fluff Editorial, August 3, 2018

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I have an issue with the media.

We need to

change the conversation

around beauty.

Makeup is an amazing tool for

self-care, expression and experimentation.

But more often than not, this isn’t the way it’s advertised. Real people are being sold unrealistic ideals, and it’s

really toxic.

There’s nothing wrong with

wanting to use makeup.

It’s the way that

people are being told they need to cover up

that is the issue.

Beauty is whatever

you believe it is. Makeup is supposed to be fun.

The only representation of blemishes is usually someone screaming at their bathroom mirror after finding a pimple on their face before going on a date.

That would surely

deter their date

from being attracted to them.

If this is

the message we are sending young people

about the tiniest bumps, then how are people who suffer from more severe skin conditions meant to feel?

Y: A survey with over 100 people between the ages of 13-25.

N: Confidence.

55% of them wore make up due to insecurity. 

50% had on at least one occasion decided not to attend an event because they felt insecure about their skin.

68% said they felt the way that skin is portrayed in the media influenced the decision.

It’s really important

not to think of makeup as something to

hide your flaws


mask yourself.

We need to stop teaching people that if they leave these things exposed that they aren’t complete.

Everyone experiences issues.

Acne, a few pimples here or there, rosacea, eczema. So why don’t we see this reflected in the media?



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