Ellie’s 2019

By Ellie May, December 20, 2019

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Ellie’s 2019 Image

Watched fireworks on a boat

Was happy that school was over

Decided on a gap year

Kissed boys
Liked one boy a lot
Turned 18

Got my first tattoo

Started drinking my tea with milk

Liked a boy even more
Wrote a song about it

Went to NY to see a school I got into
Decided I didn’t like the school

Came home

Travelled around America during their summer

Got another tattoo

Cut my hair after a breakdown (again)
Saw Fleetwood Mac again

Decided to remove myself from people who put me down

Made some lovely new friends
Lost some friends

Got my license

Got into a theatre course I wanted too

Decided to eat whatever I want, whenever
Danced in my room everyday

Realised this is my first time seeing and understanding a decade ending.


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