Erika’s 2019

By Erika Geraerts, December 17, 2019

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Erika’s 2019 Image

It was quick.

Went to the beach broken-hearted. Found several shoulders to cry on.
Wrote in a diary with invisible ink. Lost all my thoughts.
My best friend got married. I was a bridesmaid.
Drank heaps of wine. Started a cork collection.
Watched lots of sunrises and sunsets.

Hardly cooked.
Sold my favourite couch.
Cleaned out my storage room many times.

Said goodbye to my favourite breakfast cafe. Twice.
Found a new weekend breakfast cafe.
Visited my favourite bookstore every weekend.

Turned 30. Had champagne, coffee, a croissant, and eggs on my own.
Told myself I’d be more honest with myself.

Had a lot of debt.
Had pancakes and red wine for breakfast.
Climbed Everest Base Camp.

Got two psychologists.
Did Ahuyusca.
Shared a lot.
Read a lot.
Ran a little.

Met my match. Decided not to play.
Didn’t trust my gut.
Broke up with someone.
Hung out with lots of bunnies.
Hung out with lots of babies. Everyone’s having babies.

Lost my business partner and best friend. Hope he comes back one day.
Another best friend let me talk about love at her wedding.

Went to NY.
Lost a 21-year-old. Found her again.
Wrote a love letter. Never got a reply.

Ate carrot cake.
Made a mini cloud. Proud.
Made skincare simple, that was quick.
Asked for more money.
Spent more money.
Believed in something more than I knew I could.
Doubted something more than I knew I could.

Had a lot of tiring conversations.
Made heaps of beauty vlogs. Who would have thought.
Made chocolate.
Decided to be there for my friend.

Spoke on some podcasts.
Spoke at some events.
Spoke at some schools.
Spoke to my mum for two hours about how much I’ve forgotten.

Tried a lot.
Cried a lot.

Went on a 16-hour bus tour of Fraser Island. Unforgettable.
Went bowling. Laughed.
Said goodbye to my twin again.

Realised I’ve been in love for a while.

Had a small Christmas dinner with 6 Fluffs.
Got my aura taken twice. Tired both times.
Visited my nana more.

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