Grace’s 2019

By Grace King, December 20, 2019

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Grace’s 2019 Image

Saw Florence and the Machine live with my besties


Started volunteering at an op shop and met some lovely people

Got a job at a cafe

Co-owned 2 guinea pigs

Saw The Internet live and fell in love with Steve Lacy

Lost my job at the cafe

Went to South America with my family and saw some of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen

Lost the guinea pigs to a fox

Performed in a play and fell in love with acting all over again

Joined an acting agency

Got 3 new guinea pigs and a rabbit

Saw live comedy for the first time, laughed my ass off

Lost one of the guinea pigs

Went on a date, didn’t get a text back, dyed my hair pink

Loved my pink hair

Hated my pink hair

Tried to write a song

Lost another guinea pig

Went skiing a lot

Joined a basketball team with all my best friends


Got my braces off, felt like a new woman

Saw Fleetwood Mac live and cried

Went to Byron Bay with my favourite people in the whole wide world and had the best time ever (highlight of my year)

Went on a road trip with my dad, my sister and my cousin

Became Daisy Buchanan for a night

Danced some more

Became a fem-bot from Austin Powers for the night

Danced some more

Got a new job in southland, loving it to pieces

Went on a hike with my besties and absolutely loved it, made some amazing friends and crazy memories

Got asked to formal by my best friend

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