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Yoko is a full time student and an aspiring legal translator. She dreams of one day becoming who she wants to be and being happy with herself. She lives in Tokyo but her heart is still in Sydney, where she left it almost six years ago. She’s currently accepting: roses, letters and job offers. She loves Fluff.

By Yoko Emilia, February 7, 2019

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Dear Fluff, my relationship with makeup has been pretty alright thanks for asking.

I’ve always enjoyed putting a little bit of makeup on because it makes me feel good. I love colours and wearing them on my face.

I live in Tokyo, Japan and the Japanese beauty standard is insane. It seems like looking more Western (Caucasian) directly means beauty. “Hafu face” (looking half Japanese, half Caucasian) was trending a few years back.

Everyone looks different and it’s normal. Here apparently everyone wants to achieve some sort of fixed look to feel beautiful. If you don’t have a certain type of look that means you’re not beautiful.

However, I’ve decided that I’m beautiful no matter what. And so is everyone else that also celebrates beauty that comes in all colours shapes and sizes. Fortunately there are celebrities here promoting more diverse beauty these days and thankfully the beauty standard is shifting towards a more inclusive and positive one. I’m happy to be here to witness that. 

I recently started job hunting since I’m graduating next year, and I discovered that there is a certain kind of makeup that female job applicants are expected to wear to look “proper” and “more professional”. Eyebrows not too thick, pink or light brown eyeshadow, a little layer of mascara, pink blush, no bronzer, and pink lipstick.

I would say bullshit, but I don’t want to end up jobless, so I have no choice but to follow these steps to look the same as literally every (female) graduate seeking a job.

I have always enjoyed putting a little makeup on because it makes me feel good about myself. I didn’t know makeup could torture me like this. What do I do? 

Lots of love, Yoko Emilia

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