I Decided To Float

By Dakota Warren, June 19, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

I Decided To Float Image

Every single thing you do is a decision.

You decide to breathe. 

You could stop breathing, if you really wanted to. 

Just hold your breath.

You’re deciding to read these words, as I’m deciding to write these words. 

I decided to skip this morning’s journal entry for an extra half hour in bed, because I decided it was too cold to get up. 

I then decided to let myself feel bad about it. I’m now deciding to erase the agenda embedded in my brain that decisions can be good or bad. 

In this lifetime, in this universe, we live in a dimension of duality. Without the bad, we cannot define the good. Without wrong decisions, right decisions simply cannot exist. They are just… decisions. 

I like to make all of my decisions on this theoretical ideology. No doubting myself. No wondering what if. No regretting my actions. No replaying the situation in my head one billion and one times wondering if I made the right decision. 

Because there is no right decision. There is only decision. 

I am deciding to not let a piece of reflective glass define me. I am deciding to overwork myself into oblivion at a job I despise. I am deciding to float through my 20’s. I am deciding to break a generational curse. I am deciding to lay down in the woods and let the moss reclaim me. I am deciding to have dessert for dinner every night this week. I am deciding to be shocked and upset when my favourite silk slip is a little tight.

It might seem like a decision is everything, but it’s really rather much of nothing.

No decision is final. 

Nothing is final and nothing matters, if you decide to float with me.

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