I hope you dream of nice things

By Coco Sims, May 10, 2020

Read time: 2 Mins

I hope you dream of nice things Image

Sitting on the ledge of my roof I hold a warm drink against my chest. Sometimes I imagine it is a little secret creature I have found, and that it has warm breath. My hands are a little grazed from the crumbly brick but that is okay. The sun is starting to peek up from behind the buildings. I say hello to Mr sun, breathe in the crispy air and drink my warm drink. This is my favourite time of the day. 

Lying on a big strip of grass. A bead of sweat has trickled into my eye and stings a little. The sun warms my face and the grass cools my back. I like to run until I can’t feel anything because when I do eventually have to stop and collapse onto the grass, I feel everything. I realised my toe is bleeding, but that’s okay. The spears of grass tickle my neck and it feels nice. I squint my eyes at the sun and make a little dance with the beams of light. I imagine one of the beams landing on my tongue and tasting like cinnamon and green apples. 

Sitting in my favourite tree but on a different branch today. I search the leaves for little bugs and watch them living their little bug lives. I pick one to follow. I like the way the leaves sometimes tilt as the bug crawls from one side of the leaf onto the other. I say goodbye to my bug friend. I’ll never show anyone my favourite tree.

With another warm drink and a slice of the banana bread that my friend made for me, I sit by the river. I have been working on my hot chocolate recipe and this one is just right. The banana bread is just right too. I look at the moon and try to finish my banana bread and my hot chocolate without taking my eyes off of it once. I took my eyes off of it twice. When I take my eyes off of the moon after looking for a while sometimes my vision goes blurry for a few seconds. I wonder if people with glasses ever take them off to look at things being blurry on purpose just because it looks nice. If I needed glasses I think I would do that and then paint the blurry things. 

My tummy is very full and my heart is very full. I feel lucky. 

I wonder if my bug friend is still alive and if so what they are doing right now. 

I hope my friends dream of nice things.


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