July Horoscopes

By Danielle Jung , July 1, 2021

Read time: 9 Mins

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We came out of a mercury retrograde not too long ago. I hope this finds you well.

For the collective: This month’s theme is forgiveness. Which is a concept I have a hard time grasping. Sometimes it feels like forgiveness is a thing that you do but shouldn’t have to do. But really, it’s a part of accepting the reality that none of us are perfect. And therefore accepting our truest selves, which is our humanness. And to forgive isn’t to excuse. Nor is it supposed to replace an apology. I think when you forgive, you’re choosing to exit the storyline where you are angry. Where everything seems to be against you and the only way out is destroying everything in your path. It’s leaving behind the narrative where you’re not good enough for peace.

Anger is an emotion I have a closer relationship with. It was an emotion I didn’t like or accept at one point because I wasn’t raised to be angry. Most of us aren’t. We are told to be rational and wise. To be obedient. We are encouraged to repress our emotions to keep the external peace. There’s nothing wise about pretending you’re better than your feelings. You deserve to understand what you’re experiencing. It’s okay to get upset and express how you feel. It’s okay to stand up for yourself. It’s okay to want space. It’s okay to want time. It’s okay to want respect. Let go of the notion that you are less lovable when you put yourself first. 

Is life just about doing things when you need to and letting go of who you think you’re supposed to be? Being human is weird. You’re alone to know what it means to be together. You let go to know what it felt like to hold on for your dear life. You forget only to remember 3 years later. You build expectations just to try and get rid of them. You forgive knowing you might get hurt again.

So where does that leave us? When is the right time to stop being angry and start forgiving? I think that’s an answer only you can decide for yourself. Ask yourself, have I felt enough? Are these feelings consuming me? Is my anger eating away at my soul? Who am I doing this for?

Don’t get caught up in what other people think you should do. They’re just telling you what reality they prefer. But you’re not them. Empathize. Understand that we are only limited to our own perceptions. Then let go of the need to conform to their idea of you. Without forgiveness, we would be lost in our own minds. Without anger, we would all be fused together at the spine. 

And now, your monthly horoscopes – check your sun sign, and then your rising. Venus if you’re a romantic, moon signs if you’ve got nothing to do, and mars signs if you’re hot – but wait till mid-month. Don’t ask me why, I just have a feeling.


You’ve always believed in yourself. But somewhere along the way you might have lost sight of who you’re doing all of this for. You might feel like you’re destined for something greater so you chased that feeling. But remember that this “greater” is within you, not the other way around. Forgive yourself for not appreciating the divinity in the little things. And forgive those who projected their definition of divinity onto you. Understand the limitations of the human mind. You were born human for a reason. So was everybody else.

Exit: The narrative where your opinion on life is determined by others’ actions.

Enter: The narrative where you believe in yourself because it’s fun.


If what you wanted to manifest decided to take its sweet time simply because it wanted to, would you blame yourself for it? Would you think it’s because you’re inadequate? What do you perceive yourself to be lacking? You can’t fuck up what’s meant to be. Also be mindful of how you may place emphasis on your goals to avoid focusing on yourself. When you don’t know how to differentiate your needs from your wants, you will find yourself questioning if anything will ever be good enough. Let yourself have a little optimism, as a treat.

Exit: The narrative where you convince yourself you have control by replacing hope with actions.

Enter: The narrative where you look up at the sky to remember where you’re going (not other people). 


Transformation, Certainty, Confidence. Move forward with ease. Trust the process. You’re overthinking. And I won’t call you crazy for it. There might have been situations in the past where you had to fight to get what you wanted. Sometimes our minds may project certain dynamics or assumptions that are influenced by our past to try and gain a sense of control in our present. This month, try to create a distinction between who you are and who you were. Then allow them to coexist by understanding that you don’t have to compete with any version of yourself to be good enough for the things you want. Transformation, Certainty, Confidence. Move forward with ease. Trust the process.

Exit: The narrative where your perceived failures determined the trajectory of your growth.

Enter: The narrative where you pretend you can fly with your headphones on, you are surprised by how realistic it can feel.


The start of something new. A Happy solar return to one of my favourite signs. <3 You have a strong awareness of what fulfills you emotionally, but when it comes to other things, you may have a hard time making up your mind. There might be this feeling that you’re running out of time. Allow yourself to change, which means you should forget about time and accept that anything can happen. Emotions are temporary so don’t depend on them to keep you motivated – your goal right now should be to explore new perspectives and practice a new way of being. you. Get excited to get to know you.

Exit: The narrative where you’re constantly reliving heartaches to feel a sense of control.

Enter: The narrative where you demand the things you want especially from yourself


The life you want and the life you’re leading are worlds apart – who’s burdens are these? Who’s expectations are these? Who’s hopelessness is this? Choosing your battles is a way you can set boundaries with yourself and differentiate your emotions from others’. If you feel uninspired, know that you’re not broken. Perhaps you’re just in your I’m Uninspired Era. Take this opportunity to accept yourself as you are and watch how unconditionally loving yourself can bring about unexpected changes.

Exit: The narrative where you feel comforted by loneliness.

Enter: The narrative where you draw inspiration from your loved ones and maybe where you sleep more.


Being critical of yourself might feel like it’s pushing you to become a better version of yourself. But it’s starting to make you feel isolated and lonely. Is your brain actually being efficient or are you just getting better at believing in your assumptions? When you go to sleep, don’t let your perceived mistakes follow you to the next day. When you feel lonely it feels like no one can understand – but remember that to be understood, you have to be willing to understand another. So get curious and get out of your own way.

Exit: The narrative where you repeat the cold behaviours that were shown to you when you were a child. 

Enter: The narrative where you are curious about how other people grow.


There’s a desire to jump into something that feels right. But something painful from the past is making you hesitate and it’s distorting how you perceive your present. What aspect of yourself are you grieving right now? Where do you need more time? Don’t ignore your feelings but don’t rush into anything because you fear you will miss out. These fears are surfacing for you because you are ready to overcome them, even if they’re temporarily making you feel like you can’t. Take your time, legend – you deserve to be treated with patience.

Exit: The narrative where you betray yourself by excusing the way people have mistreated you.

Enter: The narrative where you start looking for people who don’t mistake your humanness as a threat.


I’m getting a whole lot of Katy Perry saying 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔧𝔲𝔰𝔱 𝔥𝔞𝔳𝔢 𝔱𝔬 𝔰𝔞𝔶 𝔶𝔬𝔲’𝔯𝔢 𝔣𝔦𝔫𝔢 𝔴𝔥𝔢𝔫 𝔶𝔬𝔲’𝔯𝔢 𝔫𝔬𝔱 𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔶 𝔣𝔦𝔫𝔢. Sometimes it takes time for our hearts to catch up with the rest of us – don’t beat yourself up for being able to make the changes you’ve wanted but still needing to grieve the past. The first step to moving forward emotionally is to admit everything you’re feeling – preferably to another human being but a journal works too. Reevaluate your inner circle – gravitate towards people who don’t judge you for having range.

Exit: The narrative where you hold onto your past because you don’t know who you are without it.

Enter: The narrative where you romanticize the destruction of everything that is bad for you.


Don’t doubt the feelings and thoughts that have led you to where you’re at right now. Every feeling in life is temporary, so don’t build your reality around external validation. You’ll always end up being disappointed when you do because you’ll find that what you truly want is to build a life that looks like you when you don’t rely on anything or anyone else. To stop fearing disappointing others, stop getting discouraged every time you disappoint yourself. Ever heard of divine interventions?  

Exit: The narrative where you sabotage yourself by feeding into your anxiety so you have reason to leave.

Enter: The narrative where you view life as a series of happy accidents.


There’s changes ahead. Rest assured your anxiety won’t manifest as long as you don’t self sabotage by getting overly possessive over what you already have. I just keep feeling like I need to tell you guys to chill. Lol hehe!!! Take this time to do the things you enjoy that you haven’t had the time to enjoy. And if you’re still feeling restless, begin unpacking the inner child wounds that keep you feeling like you don’t exist unless you’re being helpful. Learn how to say no to learn how to take no.

Exit: The narrative where you’re addicted to your responsibilities because it affirms your subconscious belief that you aren’t good enough for anything you truly want.

Enter: The narrative where you go on a spending spree. I’m kidding. The narrative where you start fighting your inner critic.


It feels like you’ve worked really hard to get to wherever you are and you’re happy because it’s exactly where you intended to be. But a part of you is craving more from life. Instead of perceiving this as a sign that you did it all for nothing, see it as a sign that your hard work has unlocked new pathways for you to consider. Your journey isn’t over until you die and you really gotta let go of the notion that everything will happen the way you think it will. Do something out of character.

Exit: The narrative where you believe your success comes from embodying parts of yourself that no longer exist.

Enter: The narrative where you explore unexplored parts of your personality without asking for permission.


Stop putting yourself down to make other people comfortable. You cannot convince people to empower themselves unless they want it. You cannot control the way other people heal either. Forgive yourself for all the times you’ve been lost in your own head because you got stuck on the idea that you had to be everything and do everything all at once. See that the underlying intention was pure desire for a desirable outcome. Notice how fear is a lying little bitch. Move forward to move forward.

Exit: The narrative where you act out of guilt and call it love.

Enter: The narrative where your faith in the unknown overpowers your need for control.

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