April Horoscopes

By Danielle Jung, April 1, 2020

Read time: 4 Mins

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Tarotscopes: messages of hope for the signs. Courtesy of @divinencounters


The journey is never over. You have a way of always being ready for a war or a sparkly performance at the jazz bar. It is okay to not feel like rehearsing right now. Take time to yourself to connect to your inner goddess. Demonstrate how you deserve to be loved. Whenever you feel lost, express what you’ve discovered about yourself. This is just the beginning. Take a sweaty nap to celebrate.


You were born with a certain type of light where you feel like the physical embodiment of the word Home. You have your own way of doing things and it’s time you stopped being intimidated by it. Talk to a friend about your favourite scent as well as your least favourite. Don’t get caught up in the belief that things are going to be this way forever. Or do, whatever you feel is right. The light is not at the end of the tunnel, it’s around it.


You tend to backpedal on yourself sometimes when things don’t work out in your favour. It’s okay to have standards for yourself, but remember not to mistake them for your desire for perfection. Perfection doesn’t allow room for perspective. Your galaxy brain is capable of having an infinite amount of perspectives. Cap it at 6 and remind yourself of how being open to change heals. How having faith brings good karma if you care about that stuff.


You are aware of the power a wishful thought has. Do you believe that? Don’t stay in the water for too long. But where will you go during these times? Find a funny meaning in tragedy. Then share it. Laughing will never hurt you. Laughing is honest. Remember that you are the creator of your own reality and you have infinite potential for what that reality could be. Enjoy your newfound confidence in solitude. Then share it.


Your class is unmatched. Remember you don’t need anyone else’s approval to come to that conclusion. Try to wary of how much time you spend criticizing yourself when you’re alone. Your mind is not a mental prison, it is a home for beautiful, elegant things. Spend time doing things that make your soul feel full. Soulful things lmao. And do it like no one’s watching you. Do you think you’re cool or something? Because you are.


You have a way of allowing karma flow through you. Your collection of knowledge is intimidating and admirable. Your hard-earned blessings are never on hold – and the ones that are will surely make an appearance another time. It’s time to synthesize everything you’ve learned. Perhaps it’s time to slow down to nurture your nurturing side. Enjoy the wealth that is your brain. Every answer you desire is already within you.


The world doesn’t feel fair right now. It’s not fair how stupid everything feels. Your affinity for harmony is not a curse. But it wouldn’t hurt to admit that the world definitely feels like it is sometimes. Rant to a friend – whatever the universal truth is, you were never meant to go through any of this alone. And just because you can doesn’t mean you have to. It’s a choice, which is a sign of freedom, I think. Express what freedom means to you.


You value routine in life and it might feel like everything is happening all at once right now. Tell yourself that it won’t be like his forever. You still deserve to express your creativity and feel blessed even when you don’t feel like you do. So be extra patient with yourself and remind yourself of how worthy you still are. Time just stepped out to have a cigarette, draw a pretty picture of your nightstand and post it, in the meantime.


You’re a hard worker. Some may say you’re a workaholic, but I think you might just have an infinite resource of ambition. Still, that doesn’t mean you’re not immune to burnout. Take some time to practice what it means to emotionally nurture yourself. Notice how you find more meaning in the things you love. Have a glass of wine and plan a rough draft for world domination. Make your own crossword puzzle and send it to a friend.


It feels like everything about timing is off. You might feel burdened by the desire to start something new. The new beginnings you seek have no expiry or due date. What does hope mean for you? Be mindful of how you talk to yourself, you shouldn’t have to lose who you are to feel whole. Remind yourself that you aren’t boring just because your life is slowing down. Everything you’ve ever needed is already within you.


Your independence allows you to be respectful and responsible for your emotions. Share your ability to create your own reality. Your ability to seek perspective in any situation is admirable and people could use some of that right now. Celebrate your emotional side and allow yourself to really feel really loved by your loved ones. Notice how your logical side and intuitive side work together to optimize your generosity. Cool.


For a sign that’s known as the dreamer, you tend to feel yourself freezing at the sight of the unknown. Practice making a distinction between your intuition and your anxiety. Overcome your fear of yourself by remembering the idea of impermanence. Allow yourself to want the best for yourself. Time to make a vision board if you’re into that. Or just ask the angels for a really funky dream tonight and they’ll deliver. You’ll know what to do with it.

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