March Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, March 1, 2021

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March Horoscopes Image

Lent advice.

It’s that time to give up something and feel better about yourself. So they say.

Here’s our picks.

Aries. Give up toxic relationships.

countless people have given you advice but this one counts. if you’ve been stewing on a situation, and repeating the same story to your friends, perhaps it’s time you changed. nothing happens unless something moves and perhaps that movement needs to be you.

Cancer. Give up trying to go blonde.

your hairdresser is obviously denying you for a reason – even if it’s just so you can keep going and spending more money. stick with what you’ve got, or go crazy and dye it the next colour you look at.

Leo. Give up changing your brows.

lamination, plucking, dying… maybe your brows like it just the way they are?

Scorpio. Shaving.

you have two choices this lent: embrace the natural, or invest in laser. Which will it be? (lol do what you want this is just a blog post)

Virgo. Living like a celebrity.

the true definition of wealth is spending less than you make.

Libra. Afterpay

the true definition of wealth is spending less than you make.

Saggitarius. Pasta

carbs are wonderful if you can eat carbs and today we recommend switching for pizza. for everyone else, veg.

Capricorn. fancy milks.

if you’ve been one for almond or oat or anything else, try just black coffee. See how it simplifies your day – and the baristas.

Aquarius. Canned Tuna & Rice

you are not in year 11 anymore. the supermarket aisle is your oyster.

Pisces. Foundation

skinmilism is in. we love to see it.

Gemini. Expectations

what if you just dealt with everything as it comes.

Taurus. Lists.

tackle the day as it presents itself to you. planning is no longer the way.

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