music 4 ur mood <3

By Jasmine Jafari, September 9, 2020

Read time: 1 Min

music 4 ur mood <3 Image

  1. It’s the 5th week of lockdown and all you want is a new artist to listen to: Witches by Alice Phoebe Lou.
  2. It’s 9pm and you want your mind to turn off and to just melt into your bed: Daisy by Choker.
  3. You wish you were part of the underground UK scene: SHEDONTEVENKNOW by Nine8.
  4. You just woke up, you’re sitting in the backyard looking up at the clear blue sky, holding a warm cup of tea: Bemyself by Parcels.
  5. Cookin up some cookies!! Woohoooo : LDN by Lily Allen
  6. Now you’ve decided you wanna be part of the underground trance scene for some reason: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? by Moby.
  7. Just feeling on top of it all: Bottom B*tch by Doja Cat
  8. You just need to be in the middle of nowhere and scream: Care by Beabadoobee.

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