My Cloud

By Ella Burke, June 11, 2019

Read time: 1 Min

My Cloud Image

I feel like I’m drowning, but in a pink cloud, not water.

Life is beautiful but sometimes it swallows me up. All I can see is a soft blur and my lungs are filled with fluff! I wish friends could pull me out of my cloud, but they can’t see it.

Sometimes I get mad. Why is it that others don’t have a cloud that swallows them whole? Why do they get clear skies?

When it rains my cloud strikes me with lightning. Others easily pull out an umbrella and soon enough their sad times are over. I’m drenched for days!

I have to remind myself that with my cloud I can see life from a different perspective to those who don’t have one. My cloud allows me to float out of my body, read people and empathise.

When someone is sad my cloud spreads apart and a ray of light floods through it. It gives me the power to help people realise the good things in life.

There are days where I lie on the grass, look up at the sky and  watch the clouds move and change. It reminds me that everything is temporary and that I will be okay.

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