Y/N: Sean David McCallum

Instagram? Yes. @seandvm

By Fluff Editorial, February 27, 2019

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Y/N: Sean David McCallum Image

Are you scared? Yes.

Prank calls? No. Digital? No. Spaghetti? Yes. Do you believe in soulmates? No. Do you wash your makeup off before bed? Sometimes. Are you confident? Yes.

Waking up early? I wish. Less is more? Yes. Spending money on clothes? Yes. Bronzer? No. Hours without sleep? Sometimes. Rainy days? Yes.

Shoes on the couch? Yes. Do you care about global warming? Of course. Telling a truth that hurts? Yes. God? No. Clapping when the plane lands? No.

Yellow? Yes. Acting pretty? No. Are you on time? Depends. Brushing your hair? Yes. Do you wake up with your phone next to you? No. Feelings? Of course.

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