My Favourite Dreamworld Is Here

By Puti <3 , October 31, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

My Favourite Dreamworld Is Here Image

I dream to someday learn ballet,

or just learn the dance from ‘Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses’, but instead of a magical world opening beneath my bedroom floor, I want to attract butterflies and fairies so we can all dance together. I’m always conflicted by dreams.

Are dreams just far, far away lands, or even further away wishes – or are ‘dreams’ goals and aspirations? I feel as though all my dreams are aspirations, regardless of how likely they are to come true. I dream of meeting Lana Del Rey over a cup of coffee, I dream of running away to Melbourne, I dream of swimming so far out from the shore that I meet a mermaid.

I dream of living a life like Carrie Bradshaw’s (but not season 6 Carrie), I dream of getting caught in a snowstorm and having to stay indoors and drink hot chocolate all day, sometimes I dream of becoming a writer, or a photographer, a film director, a magazine editor, – and sometimes an astronaut.

Dreams change a lot, like sleeping-dreams do when they change the setting or the characters, or the entire plot. Some days I don’t dream, I just live, and that’s good too. Other days I want all my dreams to come true now, I want to wake up as the best ballerina-writer-photographer-film-director-magazine-editor-astronaut I can be.

I think it’s important to dream (and not to), in both the sleeping-dreaming and wishing-dreaming, it keeps the brain imaginative and creative and happy and warm and determined. The other night I dreamt that I was somehow on set for the 2004 Phantom of the Opera, and I was just dancing on the stage, my surroundings suddenly shifting into a forest, yet the music I was dancing to was still playing – I didn’t want to wake up. Some nights, I rather live inside my dream worlds (at least the good ones), they’re always so vivid and fast.

However, I like the dreamworld I’m in now. Even if it could be going to complete shit with climate change and idiotic world leaders, – we still have people and places and emotions worth a dreamworld like this. I like waking up to the way my room looks in the morning, I like stepping outside and seeing my cat sunbathing, I like the way my friends talk about anything. I like crying over Elio and Oliver, and their fast fleeting dream-like love. My favourite dreamworld is here – most of the time.

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